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IVA Power Bank I20

Introducing the IVA-U3 Solar Charger – the smart and efficient way to charge your batteries. With its innovative design, the IVA-U3 automatically adjusts to fit any battery terminal, giving you a perfect connection every time. The advanced battery care technology built into the IVA-U3 ensures that your battery stays in top condition and is protected from harm.

Say goodbye to slow and unreliable charging. The IVA-U3’s quick charging capabilities and voltage spike protection guarantee that your battery will be charged efficiently and safely. And with low power consumption, the IVA-U3 not only saves you time, but also saves you energy and money.

Upgrade to the IVA-U3 Solar Charger and simplify your battery charging experience. No more manual charging, no more headaches – just quick, safe, and efficient battery charging. Get yours today!

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