Educational Support

As the famous saying is “Education is the most powerful weapon through which you can change the world “, while the education status in Afghanistan is very low. We need big changes in this field but unfortunately, due to war crisis, we don’t have even schools in most parts of the country. Akbar Welfare Foundation is working hard to help people to get education and motivate them towards the education which is the only way we can change our Nation.

Medical Support

Akbar Welfare Foundation supports healthcare for poor and helpless people. The fact is that the system had already been severely devastated after decades of war in the country. Akbar Welfare Foundation focuses on the standard treatment of all those who cannot pay for their treatment.

Food Relief program

In this program Akbar Welfare Foundation looks up for all those families whose male member are died in any bad incidents and they don’t have any other way for their income. AKbar Welfare Foundation provides them a complete food package for each month.

Construction of water wells

Drinking water is another big issue in our country most of side area people even don’t have clean water for drinking while in same parts they don’t have water to use, they bring it from far places, and secondly in some Masjids water is not available for ablution.

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Why Akbar Welfare Foundation? 

Akabr Welfare Foundation is a non-government welfare trust which is located in Kabul province, Afghanistan. Akbar Khan is the co-founder of Akbar Welfare Foundation who initialized it in 2020. In the beginning, the foundation had fewer motivated and sincere fellows who worked day and night without any hesitation and reward. Its initial goal was to reduce the poverty level and increase the educational and literacy level in the country. As Afghanistan is a war torn country, which still passes through a tough situations, the war has brought millions of martyrs and destruction in the country. Thousands of Afghan innocent people have been disabled during the deadly war. This caused the country to go backward. The educational infrastructure has been destroyed. Similarly, joblessness and inflation in the country brought another bad luck for our people. The government had no sufficient energy to manage the joblessness and control the inflation level in the country. For these reasons, the co-founder felt need of the existence of such a foundation that could work in the education, food, shelter, rehabilitation and prosperity of the nation. Thousands of families in need were given assistance in terms of food, shelter, health, residence, blood donation, and private business categories.

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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Question's

Akbar Khan is the founder of Akbar Welfare Foundation.

It is situated in Kabul province.

Akbar Welfare Foundation was setup in 2020.

Akbar Welfare Foundation works for the relief and assistance of people in need countrywide. For this reason, people from all around the world provide financial assistance to Akbar Welfare Foundation. There is no any specific donor who persistently provides fund to the organization.

Widows, orphans, disabled people and IDPs are the main beneficiaries of Akbar Welfare Foundation.

Education, Food Relief, Farming, Health Services, Tailoring and such others.

Yes, but they are limited to public schools only. In casual situations, the high level students are also paid against their books, stationary and such other charges.

  You can send money to Akbar Welfare Foundation via Western Union, Money Gram, Bank Account, Direct Office Drop, and Money Exchange.

  Yes, currently the foundation has more than 20 volunteers who offer free services for the organization. The volunteers work side by side with the management team of foundation to bring ease and provide humanitarian assistance to the community

      As it is clear to all that the foundation basically works for the betterment of the poor and low level community, the majority of them are widows and orphans. We provided consistence support to them in the field of food, shelter, rehabilitation, clothing and self-employment.

       Beneficiaries are the main focus point for us. We continue supporting them as long as we are funded by the national and international communities.  Besides the funding, we have reserved a specific budget for the urgent assistance for those who face a sudden life crisis like floods, earthquake and IDPs crisis.

         The organization accepts the requests of those who need support or assistance. For this reason, the organization sends survey to take a detailed survey of the infected family. The surveyor investigates and collect information about the family. Sooner the family is provided assistance whatever they have requested.

 No. Akbar Welfare Foundation has the only head office in Kabul province, Afghanistan.

 Yes. The foundation has a well-organized system of blood donation. Blood aid is free of cost for the patients by our foundation.   

The foundation basically works for the orphans and widows. Orphans are given free scholarships in public schools, institutes and they are certainly provided uniform, books and stationary. On occasion of Eid, they are given new clothes, shoes, gifts and cash twice a year.